What Would Residency Look Like for STEM Education?

Our Sister Organization, The American Education Forum, has created a space to discuss the issue of Teacher Preparation and Professional Development, generally, based on last week’s Center for American Progress’ panel discussion on the next steps for Teacher Preparation programs.

Please visit the AEF’s Blog for more information and an opportunity to add your own opinions/insights/thinking to the conversation.  The Council is interested, as well, in hearing various opinions on the Hope Street Group’s recommendations and findings related to residency expectations for new teachers, and opportunities for Professional Educators to deepen their practice and develop their expertise through practice.


Kathryn founded and serves as the Executive Director of the American Education Forum and provides programming, guidance and support to Professional Educators around the country through the Forum’s sister organization The American Council of STEM Educators. In her spare time, Kathryn also produces and teaches interdisciplinary courses focused on Environmental Stewardship/Earth Awareness and Engaged Citizenship with elementary and middle school – aged students.

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