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The American Council of STEM Educators is a national organization of Professional STEM Educators from across the United States who have a professional interest and a personal commitment to impact the policy and programs surrounding STEM Education.  Council Members work at all levels of practice and action – local, state and national – by highlighting individual and collective examples of successful practices and programs.  Council members have served their communities both as Professional Educators and as STEM Education Leaders. They actively participate in Council-sponsored events and initiatives.

Council Membership is conferred after a comprehensive review of each applicant’s qualifications and experiences, a personal interview and and endorsement from the Council Membership team.

The Council will focus its initial efforts on:

Incubating the best ideas in STEM education generated by Professional Educators and those aspiring to be.  Council members are engaged in hundreds of projects, programs and initiatives in K-12 education.  In addition, they are the best and brightest minds in STEM education today having both the content knowledge and pedagogical experience to know what works (and what doesn’t) to engage and support students’ curiosity, growth and abilities.  Council Member programs focus on developing intellectual capacity, creating opportunities for growth, and sustaining learning beyond the classroom.

Serve as a 21st Century community of  Professional STEM educators.  GeoSTEM Educators at Wilson CenterCommunities and Networks within the Council  form around common ideas, interests and needs, but are not tied to traditional geo-political, discipline or grade level paradigms.  The ACSE will utilize the most effective tools, technology and resources available now and in the future to blur the lines that traditionally existed in K-12 education. Council members advance conversations beyond the perpetual question of “what needs to be done” and transcend the assumption that learning happens best within the existing structure of the US public school system.  Council and Associate Members create the forums, opportunities and access points to share with each other (and publicly) their best-practices, understandings and results.

Facilitate quality professional development opportunities for STEM Educators that result in students participating in meaningful STEM studies an


d programs that advance their learning, support their interests and curiosity and encourage future career choices in STEM fields.

Probe the Boundaries of Current thinking in K-12 STEM Education:   Council members work collaboratively with one another and colleagues in the field to question, test and explore the bounds of what is currently considered ‘best practices’ and appropriate learning opportunities.  In so doing, the Council will serve as a catalyst for change in both thinking and practice in the future.

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