Membership Guidelines – Council

Council Members are Professional Educators.  Members have taught for a minimum of five years, but on average have over 12 year of experience in either formal or informal K-12 education.  Members are licensed or certified to teach in one or a combination of STEM disciplines (science, technology, engineering and math).  They have been recognized as teacher-leaders within their communities at the school or local level for their innovative pedagogy, their command of the subject matter and their commitment to student success – beyond test scores and subjective measures of accomplishment. Most have been recognized on a national level by peers, colleagues and professionals for their command of the subjects they teach,  their innovative teaching methods, and the success of their students in their classrooms and beyond.

Council Members seek opportunities for students to work collaboratively, learn through authentic experiences, and from professionals in the field.  They seek opportunities for all students – particularly those who struggle in an academic setting – and encourage students to reach beyond their current perception of accomplishment and success.  They develop innovative ways to deliver and measure student success that are tied to authentic learning and accomplishment.  Council Members are collaborators themselves.  They share their ideas, experiences and resources freely with their colleagues.  They seek ways to work with other Professional Educators and professionals in the field to learn from and work toward common goals.  Council members are active, life-long learners.  They are tireless in their pursuit of both knowledge and achievement.

Council Members’ education and professional development extends beyond their formal credentials.  They are Professional Educators who have dedicated themselves to lifelong learning and to the art and science of providing interdisciplinary learning opportunities to students.  They participate in projects and programs that provide them insight into how students can apply their learning in advanced studies and career paths.  They have voluntarily sought certification, recognition and degrees that broaden and improve their understanding of current practices, advancements, research and innovation in their field(s) and in K-12 education.

Council Members are highly respected by their students, their colleagues and peers, parents, and  community members.  They have individually received countless personal acknowledgements for their careful and thoughtful  tutelage , and recognized through awards and honors for their accomplishments as Educators.

Council Members are the heart of the ACSE.  Council Members serve on committees, develop programs and oversee the Council Networks and Communities.  They are responsible for setting the course for Council operations through participation in working groups, Council Forums and special projects.  Council members easily register 50 service hours or more a year to the organization and in service to advancing the aims of STEM Education.

If you know a Professional Educator that qualifies for membership, please nominate him or her here.   Please notify the person you have nominated and direct them to our web site for more information about membership.

If you are a  Professional Educator and believe you possess the experience, skills and enthusiasm to be a Member of the Council, please complete this application.  On the application you will have an opportunity to list your affiliation with current Council members.  If you do not have a connection with a Council Member you will be provided a Mentor to assist you through the application/acceptance process.  All applicants must have a Council sponsor to be considered for membership.

If have not yet achieved the minimum qualifications of Council membership, or are not willing to take an active role in the organization and operation of the Council, you can become an Associate Member of the Council.

Membership in Council Networks and Communities is by invitation only.