Membership is open to Individuals – as either Council or Associate members.

Organizations may become Affiliated Partners.

Follow the appropriate link to submit an application for membership.

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Council Membership:

Council membership is open to K-12 teachers/educators with at least 5 years of demonstrated teaching experience in one or more STEM disciplines. Educators seeking Council membership must submit an application and be sponsored by a Council member.  Membership decisions are made by the membership committee, based upon the Council Membership Guidelines.  If you believe you qualify for Council Membership (or would like to nominate a Professional Educator), please complete the Council Member Info Form and a current Council Member will contact you to discuss next steps.

Associate Membership:

Associate membership is open to current teachers/educators of Pre-K-12 students who have at least 1 year demonstrated teaching experience in one or more STEM disciplines.  Associate Members participate in Council program and events, in conferences, meetings and advisory committees, and are connected with the National network of Council members.  Associate members serve as apprentices to Council Members in leadership positions of the Council’s Professional Educator teams.  Associate membership is an opportunity to master skills and understanding, gain experience and develop a network of support toward becoming Professional Educators.

Affiliate Partners:

Affiliate Partners are institutions of higher education, non-profit or community-based organizations, or businesses in direct relationship with Council Members and K-12 STEM students and educators and an abiding interest in the success of the Council and its members.  Affiliate Partners can contribute to the operation, projects or programs of the Council, but are not members.