Council Member Benefits

WELCOME and Congratulations on joining the ranks of Professional Educators from across the country in shaping the course of STEM education in K-12.  We are poised to do some excellent work to develop the capacity of teachers and advance the learning of students in the projects and programs we undertake.

As with all membership organizations, you have certain benefits available to you. At this start-up phase these are somewhat limited, but should have a significant impact on how you are perceived as a Professional Educator both in your community and more broadly.  We will build upon the strengths of our membership to create opportunities that will advance you as a Professional Educator and the intents of STEM Education, generally.


Member Bio Page:

As a Council Member, we will create a page based upon a bio you compile and send to us using this form.  We will work with you to ensure that the bio highlights your experiences, expertise and the ways in which you can be of service to the greater STEM Education community.  We will use the bio information to promote the services of our members to serve as advisors, reviewers and evaluators of existing programs an initiatives, and possibly consultants on future endeavors at the local, state and national level.


Designated Email Address:

Council Members can request a designated email address:  for example

This is actually a forwarder that can be set to direct mail to any other email address you currently own and use.  It will never change and is not dependent upon you using a particular mail client.  In fact, you can set up your current mail client to accept and send email using the address.  Read more here.

Once you have completed your Member Bio the email forwarder will be set up for you and a Council Staff Member will send you a confirmation email.