March 24, 2017

Welcome Council Members and Prospective Members.

We have been ‘dormant’ for a while now, but dust off your Professional STEM Educator cap and get ready to exercise your wisdom … and your opinions.

By virtue of you getting to this page, you are considered by the Council’s Board as one of the leaders in K-12/16 STEM Education. Likely, we have served together in some capacity in the past eight years. There may be some cross-polination with you being connected to a member who is connected to a Council Board member.

Nevertheless, you are one of the Professional Educators who has an insider’s view of what it is like to be a 21st Century Professional STEM Educator – one who does not adhere to silo’d curriculum, offers integrated learning opportunities to students, and advocates for such learning opportunities from your classroom, school, district, state and likely even nationally. You are interested in  student success as measured by their enthusiasm for STEM fields and learning, their achievements in and out of school, and their choices to pursue further study (and maybe even careers) in STEM, or related fields.

The Council is gearing up to assist the Association of Public Land-Grant Universities (APLU) with a project to create a web-based map resource that identifies people, programs, organizations and opportunities available in each state and US territory. [*see link below for an example]  The project is being managed by Dr. Sue Magliaro at Virginia Tech and supported by Yours Truly, as well as some other Grad students.  The first step is to gather all of the relevant (and accurate) information available from each state to populate the map.  The second step is to engage Professional Educators from each state and territory that have both the knowledge and commitment to STEM Education to inform the APLU of ‘what else is needed’ in K-12 STEM Ed to create meaningful opportunities for student engagement.  While no specific plans have been put in place yet, we are working on the idea of holding a colloquium of ACSTEMEd members to develop an agenda for future work.

What do we need from you? Well, first we need to know who/where you are.  If you are already a Council Member, (check the link for a list of current members) you can simply provide your contact info and update your title, position and place of work.  If you are not yet a Council Member, we just need a little more information from you.


Either way, you can start here with a fairly simple and clear-cut form to fill out.


** For the moment, these invitations have been limited to particular people. We will likely ask you for recommendations of others from your personal networks to participate toward the beginning of the summer.  Please do not share the link or information about this project with others at this time.  I will send out an announcement when the Council’s Membership List is updated so you know who accepted the invitation.**

If you need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me by email and we can schedule a time to talk by phone/Hangout/Skype.

Thank you for your time and your assistance. I’m looking forward to re-connecting with, or getting to know, you.



Kathryn G. Culbertson
Director of Programs
American Council of STEM Educators
kculbertson @ acstemed . org               [remove ‘spaces’ before using if you cut/paste]

MAEd Candidate – Integrative STEM Education
Virginia Tech School of Education
Jones Fellow for Innovation in Teaching and Learning
Institute for Creativity, Arts and Technology (ICAT) / IDEA Studio


Link to 100m Healthier Lives Visual Guide  — exemplar project of how community/regional/state information can be organized and displayed to assist in finding appropriate resources and opportunities.